Swimsuits and Care

One size, really?

Here at Youswim, our goal is to turn the tide on standard, inflexible sizing by creating swimwear that can adapt and change with your body through the many stages of your life.

Currently, we make four styles — that’s the Aplomb, Poise, Eva and Verve — available in a One-Piece, or as a set with high waist, standard waist or shorts bottoms. Our suits comfortably fit seven sizes in one, from a U.S 2- 14 or UK/Aus 6- 18, and are made with our super thick and flexible fabric which allows them to stretch and move with you and your body’s natural state of flux.

We are currently working on extending our supported size range. You can read more about this below.

Where do you make the swimsuits?

Our production runs entirely in England — everything from the weaving of our incredible fabric, to the production of our Earth-Friendly Packaging.

We work locally with highly-skilled, fairly paid experts who have unique experience with our very special fabric. Our magical suits are produced at a cost many times that of a typical swimsuit, and knitting, cutting, dying, sewing and packaging them takes time and care.

No sweatshops were involved in the making of your swimsuit.

What are they made of?

Our fabric is currently made with EU-sourced premium quality nylon yarn, which reduces material transportation emissions, is produced within EU labour, manufacturing, safety and waste management regulations, and — importantly — ensures a long-lasting swimsuit that will avoid landfill by continuing to stretch and adapt to you for many summers.

How should I care for my suit?

Great question. We've got a whole page dedicated to just that! Check our our Care page.

Is the fabric see-through/transparent?

Our swimsuits have been worn and tested by countless people, and they generally aren't sheer and offer full coverage.

The only exceptions during our testing are Solar, Marigold, Aster, Wasabi and Sand colours which prove to be slightly sheer on some wearers. We wouldn’t say it's always noticeable , but this kind of coverage will come down to personal preference.

Will you be able to see everything when it's cold?

No more than any other quality swimsuit (our unique ribbed fabric provides plenty of coverage, but it does depend on personal preference)

Our suits don't include lining, cups or padding which would limit their ability to adapt to your changing body.

Will it stretch or shrink over time?

Nope - not if you follow the advice on our Care page.

Will it fit my extra-long torso?

Most likely! Seriously, it’s really stretchy — in all directions.

Traditional swimwear material and fixed sizing doesn't leave you with much room to move, but our suits are designed to accommodate these beautiful variations in body shapes with ease - or Aplomb (sorry, we had to).

Long or short torsos, big-busts or no-busts and everything in between, we’ve got you covered (literally).

Many customers around 6ft tall wear our one-pieces and find it to be super comfortable. We’re happy to help with any sizing worries, just get in touch.

What about my DD/E/F/G cups?

We're here for you.

Our suits don't include any built-in bust support, but the super-flexible, seamless fabric should easily stretch to fit your D, DD, F or G's and the ribbing will lightly hug your curves in ways a typical swimsuit wouldn't — but this kind of support will come down to personal preference.

We generally recommend our Aplomb or Verve styles for maximum support and coverage.

Check our Instagram where we feature many people with cup sizes from A to G. They're all big fans. Still not sure? Drop us a line.


Where do you ship to, and how quickly?

We offer free, worldwide, express shipping on all orders.

All orders ship from the United Kingdom via UPS Express (DHL to Australia and New Zealand) and require 1-3 business days to prep for shipment.

We'll send you an email including tracking information as soon as it paddles out our door. Here's some shipping info for various destinations:

 Destination Service

Shipping Time*
(Business Days)



UPS Express

1-2 Days



UPS Express

1-3 Days



UPS Express

1-3 Days



UPS Express

2-4 Days



DHL Express

2-4 Days


Rest of World**

UPS Express

2-4 Days


*Shipping timeframes are estimates only and shipments to areas outside of majors cities may take longer than estimated. DHL are super-fast but international shipping is complex, and the ongoing pandemic continues to be a challenge. We cannot be liable for any delivery delays, but will do our very best to keep you in the loop if we become aware of any that may impact your order.

**We’re currently unable to ship to Russia and will update this page with any updates.

Unfortunately we are unable to ship to PO Boxes.

You should provide a shipping address that will be attended during business hours since a signature is required on delivery of all orders. Any acceptance of the delivery on your behalf at your address constitutes evidence of successful delivery.

When will my order ship?

We do our best to ship all orders the following business day, but we may need up to 5 business days to prep and ship your order during very busy periods or sales.

If it's been more than 3 business days or you’d like to confirm the status of your order, check the tracking number we emailed you or send us a quick note.

How do I track my order?

We'll send you an email with a tracking number as soon as your order ships. It may take 2-3 days after placing your order for you to receive your tracking info. If you didn’t receive a tracking number, just drop us a line.

What about duties, taxes etc?

If you are outside of the UK, please note you will be responsible for any duties or taxes on arrival to your country. We do not collect any local taxes at the time of your purchase, including EU VAT.

Please be aware of any import responsibilities or duties you might be charged when the order lands on your side of the pool.

From 1st Jan 2021, shipments to the EU may attract VAT and other fees which you will be responsible for. You will be contacted by DHL or your local authority regarding payment of any charges once the shipment arrives in your country. These charges are determined by your local authorities, not Youswim, and are your responsibility to pay.

Orders and Returns

Returns — whats the deal?

We offer a hassle-free 21-day return policy which you can read all about on our Returns page.

Where can I buy Youswim?

You're in the right place! Our suits are only sold via our online store where we accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Apple Pay.

Can I cancel or change my order?

We work hard to get your order to you as quickly as possible, and usually aren't able to cancel or change orders before they paddle out our door.

Send us a message pronto, and we'll see what we can do.

I have a question about my order, what do I do?

Did we miss something? Get in touch and be sure to include your order number. We're here to help.


Our swimsuits

Sustainability is very important to us, but we also recognise the challenges of any true sustainability in the current consumerist culture of fashion. We’re always taking steps to become a more environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable version of ourselves, but admit we have a way to go.

Due to the unique nature of our fabric, our English manufacturing partners always use highly trained machinists, dyers, and knitters that have a long history of working with similar fabrics and are always paid a living wage. Production capacity was significantly and intentionally reduced during COVID to safeguard worker health via social distancing.

We’ve increased production over last year, but we intentionally don’t produce swimsuits at the unsustainable rate you might be accustomed to. It’s important that our production remains small enough that all stock can be packed and prepped by our local London team, who are all paid above London living wage, while maintaining their wellbeing — ensuring the social sustainability of Youswim as a workplace. This form of sustainability (ensuring we’re all still here and happy to support our product and customers for years to come) is equally important to us.

As mentioned above, our fabric is currently made with EU-sourced premium quality nylon yarn. We totally understand that virgin nylon, no matter how high quality, isn’t as environmentally sustainable as some recycled options and we’re working to do better. For the last year, we’ve been busily working to switch our nylon to a recycled yarn, but due to the unique demands of our stretchy fabric, it’s proving a little more difficult than we’d hoped. We’re making progress and are closer than ever to producing an equally high quality swimsuit of recycled nylon, and are excited to update our community very soon.

Our packaging

See our Earth-Friendly Packaging page for info about our 100% plastic-free, entirely biodegradable and home-compostable packaging.

Extended Sizing

Our mission

We launched Youswim in 2018 with the mission to turn the tide on standard, inflexible sizing by creating swimwear that represents people realistically, accepting our changing bodies as they are.

Expanding our size support is critical to that mission, and we understand your frustration as you wait for more updates on our progress. We want you to know that we are listening and below are our answers to your most asked questions.

Why is it taking this long?

Basically, it’s technically complex and there’s much more to it than scaling up the cut of our current suits.

Our fabric was developed over many years, and adding a few inches while maintaining the same quality and fit for extended sizes isn’t a quick job — and we wouldn’t want it to be. Quality is our priority and we take this work seriously.

Our original intention was to adapt our circular knitting machine to a larger circumference in order to accomodate more sizes, and we’ve had some success with this during testing, allowing us to potentially fit 1-2 extra sizes.

We were pretty far down this road before agreeing that it wasn’t good enough. It doesn’t fulfil our mission, and we’ve decided to take an entirely different approach to ensure truly broad size support, as well an equally good fit, comfort and quality for extended sizes.

What will it look like and how will you do it?

We’re working to develop a second suit that fits a further seven or more sizes (UK 20-32+, US 16-28+), and are exploring different methods of construction that will ensure the fit, adaptability and quality of the extended sizing meet the high standards you love us for.

We’re totally disrupting the relationship our bodies have with swimwear through our uniquely adaptable designs and fabric, and it’s critical that any new size support truly meets our promise of adapting to fit our changing bodies.

We plan to offer extended sizing in all of our current colours and styles.

When will it be ready?

It’s taken longer than we could have ever expected, and we are so appreciative of your patience and understanding.

We said we would be covering lots of ground in 2022, and we really did. We have been working hard on revising the samples for both the Aplomb One-Piece and both Aplomb Two-Pieces, and we’re super happy with the stretch on the latest samples. This is a huge milestone for us!

The most recent step we have been working on is fixing the small issues we encountered with the elastic and stitching in the seams to ensure it offers the same comfort and support we love in our current suits - but with more stretch than ever. We feel confident that we are a step away from this.

Next up will be more fit tests. We will be sending our new suits out to be worn, swam, danced in to ensure our suits wear just as well as they look.

We plan to have extended sizes available Summer of 2023. Thanks for your continued support, and we can’t wait to have extended sizing ready ❤️