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big busts. small busts. pregnancy. puberty. endometriosis. the young. the old. long Torsos. all abilities. Life.

Our swimsuits adapt to fit you and your body’s natural state of flux.

We’re on a mission to turn the tide on standard, inflexible sizing by creating swimwear that represents us realistically, accepting our bodies as they are — unique, ever-changing, and unedited.

With one seamless size which currently fits seven sizes in one, our swimwear perfectly fits your naturally changing shape — welcoming a new era where change is celebrated and accepted.

— Youswim Team

Youswim's swimsuits are actually magic.


Youswim has actually done the unthinkable.


It's hard to believe it's not magic.

Marie Claire

This wins by leaps and bounds for well-made comfort and flexibility.

The Independent

Some kind of sorcery is at work here, but it's the real deal.


I've never met an un-wired swimsuit that's actually worked... until now.

Women's Health

The texture is everything — luxe, slimming and breathable. Need in every color.

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Seven Sizes
in One

Seamless and

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