Balancing Motherhood

Portrait of Nanci standing in green shirt and swimsuit with black pants.
Two teenage daughters, young son and Nanci standing.
Nanci with her two teenage daughters and young son.

“As a young mother-to-be, I felt a lot of pressure from other people to do the conventional thing. Society does not tend to look so favourably at women making their own choices about their bodies.”

Nanci sitting with her two teenage daughters and young son.
Photographer shooting Nanci with family.
Nanci sitting with family.

“My children have always been present when I've done a lot of my work, so I never lost that part of my identity... But it’s also important to nourish your child-free side; I read a lot, go to galleries, and take time out to spend time with my wonderful friends/colleagues and have lots of grown-up chat.”

Nanci standing on her own.